ECRA/ESA #7011467

We strive to create and maintain exceptional customer service standards, where all involved (directly and indirectly) are treated with respect and honesty.

Mission Statement:

SKM Electrical Services mission is to provide our team with honest working environment, where all team members can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with extraordinary service, exceptional workmanship and professional integrity. We perform all of our duties as per CSA/ESA standards, and ensure that all work done by our team is code compliant.

Guiding  Principles:

Superior Customer Service: All of our current clients and any future prospective clients deserve 100% satisfaction from our team, we want our brand to be synonymous with excellence and this can only be accomplished if we hold ourselves to the highest standard. Customers want the best service for the best price, and we will always provide that. SKM Electrical Services guarantees our clients excellent customer services and industry standard warranty on all work provided.

Professionalism: We consistently exceed our customers expectations of a professional electrical company, our aim is to keep our customers satisfied and happy with our services, so they will welcome us back into their homes or businesses for any future services. Our team understand the importance of confidentiality when working around sensitive information and have a strict privacy policy.

Cleanliness: Our team understand the importance of house keeping, we leave homes, offices and business properties of our customers just as we found them. SKM Electrical services personnel will conduct their work responsibly when completing repairs/installations and are obligated to clean up after any work done. We believe in a safe and clean environment, safety is a major priority and our aim is to make sure everything is to the customers satisfaction when the job is complete.